What do I miss most in lockdown as an introvert?

The lockdown never troubled me initially. I do love spending time alone and I am still going to work, therefore my free time is basically the same. But it’s almost 3 months into the lockdown and I clearly know what I do miss the most.

The only 3 things I need for happiness

Stay home, save lives

Hanging out with friends

Didn’t expect this one, did you? As an introvert, I don’t enjoy going to pubs or partying my ass off in night clubs or so, but I really enjoy spending time with my close friends. And I do miss them so much right now. It’s even harder now, because summer is here… This sunny weather just invites you for a BBQ party.

Imagine sun, beer, bbq and friends…

Watching a movie in cinema

Don’t get me wrong, I still prefer watching a movie on Netflix, but I do miss cinema. I kind a had a habit to watch a movie in cinema at least once a month. On the other hand, I might be missing that huge screen and enormous sound system more than activity itself.

I just love getting in those comfy seats, watching a movie on huge screen and… THAT LOUD, STEREO AUDIO! I love how great audio effects sounds!

Visiting shop whenever i need to

Shopping cart

Nowadays, I always think if I can avoid shopping, because, well, stay home – save lives. Me and my girlfriend just do a weekly shopping routine and that is it. Compared to before the lockdown – we were going to the shop much more than once a week. Sometimes we visited shop twice a day, just because that sudden urge for some snack or a cheat meal 😀 As well, we don’t go for any non-essential shopping.

I never thought I won’t miss my birthday celebration

I never have a huge birthday party, but I invite my close friends and/or family and celebrate it. And i always loved that, but this year I had to cancel all my birthday plans as it was during early days of lockdown. And, well, I don’t miss it. I wasn’t even sad I couldn’t celebrate it. That is weird, huh?

How are you feeling during lockdown?

To be honest, lockdown as an introvert is not that hard, but please share what you miss the most in comment below!

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