Few challenges I started and recommend them for you

I am bored. Although I am an introvert, I am still bored because of this lockdown 😀 However, I know how to and I am making it more interesting and a lot challenging for myself!

Doing a survey a day

I will tell you a secret – I love making few cents on the side on internet, also known as beer money. I don’t like doing tasks or offers, but I don’t mind doing a survey or two. Therefore, I challenge myself to do a survey a day. Where do I earn money online?

I usually use only 2 websites: gg2u.org for some paypal cash or amazon gift card and gain.gg for some cryptocurrency. I do like your-surveys router the most, because I can usually finish survey with no problem.

As well, I do use prolific, but you kind a have to stalk the website for surveys, but they do pay so much better!

A post a day challenges

Chill and Net is basically a website to achieve this goal. And, as I am not really a good writer and not an expert in some kind of niche, Chill and Net is basically about everything I like. Plus, some good and heartwarming stories on the side. As you can see, It’s like 4th day, but I do post at least one post a day 🙂

This challenge is a bit harder, because you will see when if I fail.

Get fit challenge: 15 kilometre run and 100 push ups!

I started to look into my health and physique like 2 months ago. All my life I was and still am skinny-fat man… There is so many opinions when it comes how to change your body type from skinny-fat! However, because of the gym closure and lockdown – I chose loosing fat first and not focus on my muscle mass. I sorted my diet easily -I eat healthy and enjoy it! I already lost 10kg or 22pounds!

As I feel I got my diet right – I got bored and thought I need some physical challenges. I thought activities I did long ago and wasn’t really bad at it. Therefore, I chose to challenge myself in running and push ups! I did both at school like 10 years ago! I started the challenge around 2 weeks ago and currently run around 3 kilometre or 1.86 miles and do around 20 push ups at once 😊

Do a handstand

Idea for this challenge came from book. Currently, I listen to the audio book called The Worlds Fittest Book. And as Ross was talking how he challenged himself throughout the years, I somehow thought that I want to do a handstand. I just want to!

Even though, I made promise for myself I’m gonna do it few weeks ago, I didn’t even started to train… 🙁

Cold showers challenges

This idea came same time as handstand, as later Ross told me about Wim Hof a.k.a Iceman. And as he was talking about taking cold showers, I thought it’s so cool! He made it sound so easy too! Though, same as handstand – I didn’t even started training for cold showers…


Do you challenge yourself?

I do think challenging yourself is a must! Leave a comment of your challenges!

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