Cheat day: mega cheat meals to make at home!

Most people have a cheat day on weekends… Well, unless every day is a cheat day for you 😀 Sometimes I have a hard time to know what to eat on my cheat day, everything is so appealing… Even though, I never forget these cheat meal classics!

By the way, it shouldn’t even be called a cheat meal or cheat day, but I will write about that in following post 🙂

Hot dogs

Hot dogs are one of the meal that is easy to make at home. You basically just need to have a wiener! Ah, you dirty minded people… wiener is a frankfurter or a similar sausage.

Dad jokes aside, Hot dogs are really easy to make at home and it shouldn’t take longer than half an hour. To be honest, hot dogs are my this week’s choice… 🙂

If you are looking for a recipe, we got some on, just click here!


Hamburgers are so easy to make these days! If you want a classic burger recipe – just follow this link 🙂

However, when I do make hamburgers at home, I just buy these cook-ready and frozen(or sometimes chilled ones) burger meat, some buns and my choice of veggies/salad. And don’t forget mustard!

Yes, it’s that easy.


Another easy to make cheat meal at home – kebabs. Kebab is literally any meat cooked or grilled on skewer. I do love kebabs for take away, but usually say no for them, because they are basically a calorie bomb. There is easily around 2000 calories in large kebab which is easily one meal for me. Therefore, I choose a healthier option and make it at home myself, I just need to learn to make/cook myself a doner meat kebab.

If you crave for healthier chicken kebab choice – follow this link for a recipe!


Pizza is a bit different cheat meal in this list. If you making pizza base yourself from scratch, it’s literally gonna take hours. Faster, but not so healthy choice is to buy a ready to cook dough from shop.

When it comas to toppings – it’s your choice. I bet you could put anything on pizza and still get a delicious pizza!

I’ll just leave it here…

What is your favourite cheat meal?

Do you always choose take always or choose to cook a cheat meal at home instead? What’s your favourite topping on pizza? Leave a comment below 🙂

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