About us

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At Chill and Net, we believe there is a better way to chill. We are passionate about it and our mission is to help people achieve it. We focus to find the greatest bits of wide web. Therefore, if you are tired of Netflix and Chill, come and chill here!

Why us?

Our idea is simple – make Chill And Net place to chill! The place you could browse for hours and never get bored! Pretty ambitious, huh?

However, we bet everyone could read those sweet heartwarming stories and crazy lists for hours! And if you ever get bored – we have plenty of great quizzes too!

What makes us better?

Good Vibes Only

There are so many stories out there! There is only one problem – no one wants to read the sad ones. That’s where we come in! Only heartwarming, good and positive news here!

On the other hand, great stories just can’t have a click-bait title… Therefore, we promise no click-bait titles on Chill and Net!

We do believe that great quizzes just guarantee fun for everyone! That is exactly why we will make unique and fun quizzes for almost every occasion!

And don’t forget, it’s the place to…

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